MTN Promotes Home Internet Solutions Through Retail Escalator Step Branding

MTN recently collaborated with Motion Icon South Africa to introduce their latest home internet solution.

Leveraging the high foot traffic of key shopping centres across Gauteng, the partnership sought to create a visually captivating and striking campaign, effectively boosting the brand, and encouraging adoption amongst potential customers.



It’s no wonder visuals are processed 60 000 times faster than text. For this campaign, the idea was to visually craft eye-catching graphics that seamlessly integrate MTN’s signature branding. Recognising the potential of escalators as prime real estate, Motion Icon offers brands over 80sqm of dynamic ad space in over 2000 shopping malls and airports in their inventory. 


From concept and design, to manufacturing all branding collateral in-house – Motion Icon provides full turnkey, non-traditional advertising solutions for some of the most recognisable global brands.

The MTN campaign was installed by a team of professional technicians who completed the full project in under 7 days. 


We know that vivid colours increase brand recognition by up to 80%. Putting MTN’s signature hue on centre stage effectively captured the attention of shoppers within purchase proximity. Easily noticeable strategically placed branding created a unique encounter with the MTN’s messaging as consumers moved between mall levels, store to store. 

“We are truly blown away by the impact – seeing our brand come to life on something as unassuming as escalators is in line with our drive to constantly seek out opportunities to innovate and push boundaries. Motion Icon’s approach has delivered beyond our expectations”. – Nonku Qhobosheane, MTN Regional Marketing Manager

If you can differentiate your brand through eye-catching visuals – you’ve already won consumer’s attention. Innovative retail branding solutions like this give brands an opportunity to drive brand recognition and foster loyalty through creativity and the ability to push beyond the expectations of traditional media. The result? A high-impact solution that maximises campaign ROI.