DStv Draws Viewers In With Branded Escalator Steps

DStv recently partnered with Motion Icon South Africa to launch the new 1Magic tv series ‘1802: Love Defies Time’.
DStv Escalator Step Branding Campaign - Motion Icon SA

Recognising the potential of key shopping centres as prime advertising locations, the collaboration aimed to create a visually captivating and immersive campaign that would generate excitement for the new series, ultimately driving viewership. 



Motion Icon’s in-house production and design team set out to craft a campaign that would transport shoppers into the series’ fantastical world. The show is a period piece combining elements of mythology, fantasy and romance. The idea was to mirror the essence of the show through escalator step branding – engaging shoppers on 10 full sets of branded escalators across 5 high-traffic malls. 


Through years of research and development, Motion Icon presents an exceptionally thin, lightweight and minimally disruptive advertising solution that allows brands to visually captivate their audience in shopping centres and airports – essentially turning everyday escalators into the largest moving indoor billboard. 


The campaign generated a positive response overall, successfully driving viewership for the series that debuted in May.

“We are thrilled with our decision to include Motion Icon’s escalator step branding in the launch of our client’s latest TV series. The non-traditional approach truly sets it apart, capturing the audience’s attention with every step. It’s a testament to the power of creative thinking and out-of-the-box advertising” – Tshepo Moabelo, OOH Strategist – The MediaShop 

Motion Icon specialises in hyper proximity marketing – providing full turnkey branding solutions in shopping malls and transit spaces (i.e. airports and train stations). The DStv campaign was particularly unique as it demonstrates the power of creativity and technology in captivating an active audience and driving positive engagement.