4 In-Mall Advertising Strategies To Keep Your Brand Top Of Mind

Not investing in mall advertising is a missed opportunity to engage with a purchase-ready audience. Let’s explore four proven strategies to increase brand awareness in retail
The Iconic Group | Motion Icon South Africa

In today’s highly competitive advertising climate, remaining top of mind is crucial. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is through strategic in-mall advertising, which allows brands to maintain visibility, whilst captivating the audience and driving sales. Let’s explore four proven strategies to increase your brand’s share of voice through in-mall advertising.

Engage with Captivating Signage and Displays

To stand out in a visually-cluttered mall – your signage needs to be visually striking. Consider innovative ad designs and bold colours in unexpected places. Motion Icon provides over 80sqm of advertising space on escalator steps within purchase proximity, providing maximum exposure in a non-traditional space. Captivate shoppers with relevant and attractive content like product highlights, promotions or brand stories on escalators and other high-traffic retail areas.

Utilize Interactive Experiences

Providing an interactive experience leaves a lasting impression. Combine advertising mediums by creating strong calls-to-action and visual cues with print displays that tie in with your digital campaigns. Increase website traffic and click throughs, trigger downloads, or create awareness around new app. Interactive experiences are the gift that keeps on giving – providing talking points and content that keep customers engaged. 

Sponsor Events and Activations

Boost brand visibility – explore opportunities to host live demos, activations, product launches or pop-up stores. Tangible experiences are not only memorable – they elicit positive associations with the brand. Invest in a domination zone that includes branded escalator steps, glass side panels, bulk heads and pillars – to maximise reach and store footfall. 

Leverage Social Media and Digital Channels

In-mall advertising shouldn’t be limited to physical spaces. Leverage social media channels to expand your reach and amplify your message. Through The Iconic Group’s sub-brand, Social Icon, we match brands to relevant macro, micro or nano influencers, who attract a wider audience online, creating authentic, immersed communities. Create seamless offline-online experiences by maintaining engagement long after shoppers have left the mall. 

Not investing in retail advertising is a missed opportunity to engage with a purchase-ready audience. By implementing these strategies – brands can effectively maintain a strong retail presence while consistently delivering valuable experiences that resonate with shoppers. Why include retail advertising in your ad budget? Ultimately, to exceed your ROI on retail sales. 

Keep your brand top of mind with in-mall advertising solutions from The Iconic Group. Speak to a Consultant – email sales@motioniconsa.co.za